Happy Mother’s Day!母亲节快乐!

Our students have made their mums Mother’s Day cards in Chinese! They have learned ‘Mu Qin Jie Kuai Le’ (Happy Mother’s Day), ‘Wo Ai Ni MaMa’ (I love you mum) and many adjectives to describe their beloved mums in Chinese. They enjoyed making Chinese paper cutting and panda cards for their mums too! Happy Mother’s Day!

Chinese Flower Bun

In term 2, our extension Mandarin students from grade 3 to 6 have learned to make the ‘Chinese Flower Bun (花馍hua mo)’, which is one of the many aspects of cultural heritage in China.  In the past and very much so in the present, people in Northern China make artistic flower buns using plain flour during celebrative occasions to bring good luck and happiness. Our students had fun creating their own unique flower buns.



Lantern Festival Celebration

On the 2nd of March, students and teachers at Berwick Lodge Primary School celebrated the Lantern Festival – which also marked the end of the Chinese New Year of 2018. Students were wearing traditional Chinese clothes or other clothing and accessories using the lucky colour, ‘red.’ Grade 1 and 2 students performed two songs: ‘Chinese is Easy for You’ and ‘Ni Hao Ma’, while grade 3-6 students have performed ‘Happy Lantern Festival’, the ‘TF Boys Dance’ and the ‘Dragon Dance.’ They did an amazing job and everybody enjoyed the performances. Our morning celebration ended with the students’ grand parade with their buddy grades.

After recess, teachers from the Confucius Institute of La Trobe University came to our school and held different workshops with our children, including cherry-blossom ink art, paper cutting, the story of Lantern Festival and the 12 zodiac animals. What a fun day it was! Happy Chinese New Year and Xin Nian Kuai le!




Spring Festival Rotation Activities

During this year’s Spring Festival, all of our students at BLPS – from prep to year 6 – participated in a series of cultural and language related rotation activities; including storytelling, Chinese calligraphy, ink Fu福 (good luck), Chinese paper cutting, lantern-making, firecracker-making, ‘roleplaying a Chinese restaurant’ and more. Everyone had great fun getting involved in this celebration and had shown their greatly improved knowledge related to the biggest celebration in China and many other Asian countries. We have also learned many useful expressions and words while playing, for example ‘xin nian kuai le 新年快乐 (Happy New Year)’ & ‘gou狗 (dog)’. Happy Spring Festival!



Meet Our 2018 Mandarin Captains!

Hi my name is Emelia and I am one of the mandarin captains this year. I have a dog, a cat, a turtle and a fish. My favourite colour is purple and my favourite animal is a pukeko (swamp hen). I play the  piano and do dancing. I have graduated from swimming and used to do cheerleading with my cousins and sister. I look forward to a fun year of being a mandarin captain. 🙂



Hi my name is Jake Mardini and I am currently 11. I am also a maths lover and a sports lover. I go for Oklahoma city Thunder for Basketball and Detroit Lions for NFL. I like to play Fortnite and NBA 2k18. I am your mandarin captain for this year at Berwick Lodge and hopefully I will get to meet you all.


As captains, we wish you all enjoy learning Mandarin and have fun! : )