Happy Mother’s Day!母亲节快乐!

Our students have made their mums Mother’s Day cards in Chinese! They have learned ‘Mu Qin Jie Kuai Le’ (Happy Mother’s Day), ‘Wo Ai Ni MaMa’ (I love you mum) and many adjectives to describe their beloved mums in Chinese. They enjoyed making Chinese paper cutting and panda cards for their mums too! Happy Mother’s Day!

Spring Festival Rotation Activities

During this year’s Spring Festival, all of our students at BLPS – from prep to year 6 – participated in a series of cultural and language related rotation activities; including storytelling, Chinese calligraphy, ink Fu福 (good luck), Chinese paper cutting, lantern-making, firecracker-making, ‘roleplaying a Chinese restaurant’ and more. Everyone had great fun getting involved in this celebration and had shown their greatly improved knowledge related to the biggest celebration in China and many other Asian countries. We have also learned many useful expressions and words while playing, for example ‘xin nian kuai le 新年快乐 (Happy New Year)’ & ‘gou狗 (dog)’. Happy Spring Festival!



Chinese Excursion 2015

On Jun 12th, 29 students of Mandarin Extension Group visited National Gallery of Victoria to attend an exhibition called ‘the Golden Age of China’. After an hour of detailed introduction of the rich culture and collections of Qianlong Emperor, the students started their trip to explore a concentration of art works in Qing dynasty. The students have wowed all the way to see stunning ink on silk paintings, dragon-embroidered silk court robes, precious objects in gold and jade and Qianlong’s own paintings and calligraphy. Also they have learned that in Chinese culture, number “9” means longevity, “gold” is the royal colour, “Dragon” symbolizes the emperor and “Phoenix” refers to the empress. Before leaving, the students caught a chance to watch a video that introduced the origins, the construction and decoration style of the Forbidden City, and how it symbolizes authority and power of the emperor.   The excursion showed us a fascinating insight into an era of China’s culture and history. It was really a fun and a harvesting experience!

IMG_3590  IMG_3589 IMG_3591

Establishing a worldwide connection via the web

To celebrate the 10 years’ anniversary, the Confusion Insititution organized an activity for the children around the world to share their what they have learnt during Mandarin classes on their website.

Some selected Grade 2, 5 and 6 classess participated in this activity by writing postcards in Mandarin. Here are some of their beautiful work.

More beautiful works see th website http://chuanxin.chinesecio.com and click the map of Australia.